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He donates them to hospitals across the Nation… who donates what you might ask. Leroy Shugart, of McPherson, was at the Hodgeman County Health Center recently to accept a donation from the Jetmore/Hanston Lions Club…a donation that will assist him in producing small wooden cars to be given to pediatric patients.

Shugart produces small wooden cars that are dyecut and then hand sanded from donated logs. The donation from the Lions Club will go toward the purchase of dowel rods for attaching the wheels to the cars. Shugart donates his cars all across the Nation for hospitals to distribute to their pediatric patients… and such is the story for Hodgeman County as Dr. Kristie Clark begins her pediatric practice at the O’Shea Memorial Clinic. So make an appointment for your child…Leroy Shugart’s legacy of bringing joy and comfort to children during trying times will aid in making that appointment just a little bit more comfortable. 

Source: The Jetmore Republican

By: Michael Thornburg


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Cars for Pediatric Patients

Public Health Announcement Released April 20, 2020