Clinic Office Nurse Assistant (Part-time with Full-time beginning 2nd week of June)


Spearville Medical Clinic


High school diploma or the equivalent.  Minimum requirement of a C.N.A./C.M.A. certification.  Computer skills beneficial.

Position Summary:

A brief job summary includes but not limited to assisting the provider with patients and attends to all nursing duties as prescribed by the provider.  Will be trained to draw blood, and administer injections and allergy shots.  Excellent customer service skills required, as well as maintaining a professional image and attitude towards patients, visitors and staff.  Strict adherence to confidentiality is expected and required.

Reports to:

APRN and Patient Financial Services Manager.

Candidates who meet these qualifications and are interested in this position may submit an application online.  Candidates may also obtain an application from Vanessa Bamberger, complete it, and return it to Human Resources.  If more information about the position is needed, please contact Sheri, Patient Financial Services Manager.



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Public Health Announcement Released April 20, 2020