Hodgeman County Health Center has been greatly supported by the community throughout our years of operation.  The community has assisted with bonds to renovate the building and assured the facility stayed updated in regards to electronic health records.  HCHC believes in giving back to the community who has supported them.


HCHC occasionally awards scholarships to employees who desire to receive additional training. This includes college classes and appropriate technical training. Personnel receiving scholarships pay back scholarship funds by agreeing to work for a stated period of time for HCHC.

The following individuals were provided financial assistance towards  Certified Nursing Aide certification:

HCHC has recently awarded Penny with an education scholarship to receive her Activity Director Certificate and Social Service Design Certificate.

HCHC has recently awarded Sidni with a scholarship to RHIT (Registered Health Information Technician) education.

Mindy Kiehl

Patricia Ball

Alexis Kent

Cheyenne Ball

They received their certification the first part of July and we are very happy to have them working in Long Term Care providing care to the residents.


Local Support

HCHC supports our area school districts by advertising on the school calendar, being a member of the Longhorns Booster Club, buying magazines from the current Junior class and sponsoring advertising on radio broadcasts of sporting events.

Partner with local EMS and Burdett

Member of Local Emergency Preparedness Committee

C.H.A.T. partner