HCHC Radiology begins 2020 with a new CT Scanner

January 1st, 2020 (JETMORE) Hodgeman County Health Center is beginning the new year with a new Computerized Tomography (CT) Scanner with greatly increased resolution and new features that generate better diagnostic images for health care providers. The last upgrade to the hospital’s CT capabilities occurred in 2010.

“The previous CT scanner was a 16-slice CT refurbished unit originally manufactured in 2007 and installed at HCHC in 2010,” states Phil Ginder, CEO and Administrator of HCHC. “The scanner we just purchased is a new unit, and a true 64- slice scanner that uses computer software to reconstruct images
to the resolution of a 128-slice scanner.”

The new machine is a Hitachi Supria True 64, with advanced features and functions that reduce the total dose of radiation exposure for each study. It also has a wider gantry opening than most CT scanners, ensuring patient comfort and the accommodation of larger patients. Additionally, the new scanner has updated features that help produce better diagnostic images, including HiMAR- Metal Artifact Reduction, Hitachi’s exclusive technology that reduces or eliminates distortion created by metal such as dental fillings, orthopedic screws, and implants. “HiMAR is a big game changer in getting a useful image, particularly for head and pelvis exams,” says Jared Herl, HCHC Radiology Manager.

While CT scans are only available by order from a physician or other licensed medical provider, the provider does not necessarily need to be practicing at HCHC. Ginder added, “I encourage patients that don’t routinely use HCHC to consider taking advantage of this new technology if they need a CT scan.

You just need to tell your doctor that you would like to use the CT in Jetmore.”

HCHC Radiology begins 2020 with a new CT Scanner