Medical Lab Technician OR Medical Technologist (Full-time)


Diagnostic Services Department

Hodgeman County Health Center

Associates of Applied Science or Bachelor’s of Science. ASCP Certified. Must have knowledge of methods and techniques according to professional practice standards, ethical conduct and state and federal requirements.

Position Summary:

A brief job summary includes performing all of the repetitive (high volume) and low volume tests in a modern clinical laboratory, identifying direct causes (technical or instrumental) of problems and making corrections by using preset strategies, as well as using and monitoring quality control procedures in the laboratory within predetermined parameters. Performing laboratory analysis of specimens which require a complex network of steps and variables. Develop new or alternative testing methodologies and writing test procedures as needed. This position requires shared on-call responsibilities when the lab is not routinely staffed (after hours, weekends and holidays).

Reports to:

Laboratory Manager

Candidates who meet these qualifications, and are interested in this position should get an application from Human Resources, complete, and return. If more information is needed please contact Department Manager or Human Resources.



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